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© Dániel Borovi

© Álvaro Martino and Dániel Borovi


Choreographer and performer in multiple contemporary performing arts contexts, Ricardo usually integrates cross disciplines’ research groups, within co-creation practices.

He has worked as a performer and co-creator with diverse choreographers and stage directors, among which Aldara Bizarro, Né Barros, Carlos Silva, Moncho Rodriguez, Victor Hugo Pontes, Rui Lopes Graça, Fernanda Fragateiro, Kurt Demey, Marielle Morales, Joana Antunes, Olga Roriz, Paulo Mota, or Karine Ponties. Lately, he has been mostly working with Anna Réti, Ido Batash, Madalena Victorino and Circolando.


The greatest drive of his artistic presence is the movement, and his creation feld focuses in dance – both built for purely formal settings (theatres), and site specifc contexts. His most steady matter of work stands in questioning a performing way of being, as well as in constantly assessing the audience's role.

His modus operandi is based in turning reality into fiction.


“REI-SOL”, “L’après-midi d’un sportif”, "Ponto Ómega" and “Point of You” are his frist creations, the latter created in Budapest together with Anna Réti, and presented in the 2016 edition of Springforward/Aerowaves, as one of its 20 priority companies.


His next projects are both duets: “MARKULUS”, from masculinity and gender issues and “L’après-midi de deux sportifs”, the sequel of “L’après-midi d’un sportif”.


His work has already been presented in several festivals and countries, such as Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Portugal, Serbia and Slovakia.

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