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A piece built from the poem "Homens que são como lugares mal situados" by Daniel Faria. The lack of adaptation, the inability to straighten and follow a path, a gentle direction, without tornadoes or hurricanes that put us in a situation of non-belonging, misplaced...

This poem is about a whirlwind that constantly shakes the body in all directions. It's about the excitement of children, and restlessness of men.

At 8 and 48... we never get to the place. We want, we seek, we try. But we remain in transition, in uncertainty, in conflict, in restlessness. We remain in the whirlwind.

This performance is about the moment we stop trying to straighten up. The whirlwind does not pass. The wind invaded the whole body and the thunder broke in space.


"Homens agitados, sem bússola onde repousar".

Direction and performers: Pedro Salvador and Ricardo Machado

Artistic support: Madalena Victorino

Production: Município de Odemira, Cosanostra CRPL e Outro Vento

Creation residence: Largo Residências

2014 | 40 minutes

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