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Entropy is the measure of the amount of kinetic energy that is not converted into work, which dictates the disorder of a system, as well as its unpredictability. Increasing the disorder, i.e. the entropy of a thermodynamic system means, similarly, giving it conditions so that there are a greater number of microstates accessible to the particles that compose it.

Is entropy seen only as loss and chaos? Or can we find a space of resilience and the possibility of generating micro-states of unpredictability that generate life again?

We could look at the potential for the future, however, we were interested in investigating, through a creative process, the present moment and the place it occupies in current corporeality, as well as the point at which tension still floats in the air and which remains in the collective memory.

Artistic diretion and performance Marina Nabais and Ricardo Machado
Light design Cláudia Rodrigues
Music Remi Gallet
Video Gonçalo Mota

Production Leonor Carpinteiro
Promoting structure Companhia Cepa Torta
Financing partner Mértola City Council
Program Operator Government of Portugal – Ministry of Culture/General Directorate of Cultural Heritage
Programme partner Government of Portugal – Ministry of Culture/Directorate-General for the Arts
Project funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway grants through EEA Grants

Photography Sónia Godinho

2022| 60 minutes

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