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A duet-essay by Ricardo Machado inspired by Mark Diston, Mia Distonia and Masculinities

Born without a purpose, Markulus is a creature of his own invention. Flesh crystallizing an image, pose quoting genre, voice not daring transformism. He is real. He is static. He plays with the audience.


Forged in the most powerful of the original creatures (the masculine-feminine), Markulus decides his own re-invention. She is a myth. She dances. She evokes the gods.

Markulus orders. Under his tongue, a single word he does not want to pronounce: M-A-S-C-U-L-I-N-I-T-Y.

Fears reflection, looks for a prop. Unlives. Faces the mirror, dismisses fantasy. Builds-up.


If the performativity he experiences on stage is not a fiction of himself, then the humanity we see in his naked body is real.

Direction, concept and set design Ricardo Machado

Performers Mia Distonia and Ricardo Machado

Artistic consultant Costanza Givone

Texts Mia Distonia

Light design Cláudia Batista Valente

Music Claude Debussy, David Lang, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi and Sandoz

Set design support Coletivo Monte

Production Ricardo Machado

Production support Catarina Alfaia

Co-production Outro Vento, Circolando, Centro de Artes de Ovar and Largo Residências

Creation support Fundação GDA and O Espaço do Tempo

Photography Ivo Rodrigues

2019 | 50 minutes

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