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A traveling show of dance, music and words that delves into the village of Cercal do Alentejo through the stories its inhabitants tell us. A skein of voices and bodies that intertwine based on the encounter between those who arrive from abroad and those who belong here. Dance, music and theater artists combine their practices with adults, teenagers and children to invent a common ritual.

Cercal is a village of storytellers. We created a fiction, based on the reality we heard, told by moments and groups of people throughout the village. Nós de Voz is a movement for several times. We invoke Cercal's past, both distant and recent, as a gateway to the future we desire: the return to the land by the hand of a boy, the contemporary dance that gives shape to the feeling of Alentejo singing, the gazpacho recipe reminiscent of the times Arabs of this territory, the work of miners who return the stones to the mountain. A hoe that creates music, a guitar that digs the earth. We are the body of the voices that live here.

Artistic director, choreography Ricardo Machado

Performers António Torres, Gil Mac, Matilde Real, Ricardo Machado, Pedro Salvador

Music Pedro Salvador

Dramaturge Matilde Real

Special participation Grupo Coral da Casa do Povo, Banda Filarmónica Lira Cercalense, Inês Melo Sousa, Lara Godinho, Filipe Luz, Carolina Luz, Maria Alice da Luz, José Manuel da Luz, Zito Vilhana, Adriana Matos

Production Rémi Gallet e Carolina Ribeiro

Producer Lavrar o Mira e a Lagoa

Coproducer Outro Vento

Photography João Mariano

2021| 75 minutes

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