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Point of You is a game - for the dancers as much as for the audience. Is this a random collision or a deliberate kick? It depends on where you’re sitting… Instinctive and intricate movement spills between the two performers. Each scene unfolds and teeters between two sometimes conflicting points of view. Laughter is sometimes indistinguishable from tears.  This playful debate wonders in a clever and sensitive way: why must we always be right?

The performance is a personal and in the same time philosophical game of the two creators, about truth, co-existence, encounters and the possible conflicts of different point of views, parallel realities.

Without being exhaustive, they unfold their own instinctive and free chain of reactions in front of the eyes of those present.

Point of You is a playful debate, an in-depth analysis of how you get lost in being right.

POINT OF YOU in one of the Aerowaves Twenty 16.

Choreographers, performers: Anna Réti, Ricardo Machado

Dramaturge: Márton  Debreczeni

Lights: Zoltán Nagy

Music: The Atomic Eggs

Set: Pál Körmendy

Photos: Dániel Borovi and José Caldeira

Production manager: Dóra Trifonov

Producer: SÍN Culture Centre

2015 | 55 minutes

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