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One man only, a man alone.

A sun-king himself.


Would he withstand another?


Confrontation is gold: it stresses identity.

In a match of opposites, the reinforcement is mutual. Form is content; mass reveals singularity.


An ordinary man in a universe of soloists and heroes is worth what he performs. He is sun, he is solidarity, he is somber.


REI-SOL is a journey into one man’s intimate solitude. It is not, however, a lonely solo. One’s work on an opposite is a work on its referente.

Direction, performance and set: Ricardo Machado

Light design: Cláudia Valente
Video: Vitor Costa
Sound modelling: André Pires
Set construction support: Alexandra Barbosa, Nuno Brandão and Sofia Silva
Production support: Catarina Alfaia
Production: Outro Vento

Coproduction: Circolando
Creation support: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Creation residence: Circolando, Lugar Instável

Photos: José Caldeira, Lauro Santos and Ricardo Machado

2015 | 45 minutes

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