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We have a problem. 

A problem that cuts across all sectors of society, across all generations. A problem that will bring definitive and devastating consequences in the near future, a future we have yet to experience. 

Some of us do not want to look the problem in the face. Others push it forward. Others still circle it with nonchalance. Its magnitude is difficult to comprehend. The projections of the problem are beyond our understanding. There is discussion about its subject matter: what are the parts that make it up? The origins of the problem are debated: what is the responsibility of each and every one of us in the mess that has been created? When we look closely at the problem, it swallows us up. It is a shapeless mass, too big and too dark, made of so many foci that our single-focus vision cannot grasp it. Swallowed up by the problem, we engage wholeheartedly into what we can do: cancel our participation in the problem. 

Is this enough? 


In this performative lecture, everyone will be summoned to take their place in the statistics of the problem. Collectively and individually. We will look at the science of the problem, understand the various foci that cause it to spread indefinitely, feel how its future consequences operate in today’s body, but also learn about solutions, vote paradigms, and… take a stand.


A session of collective and participatory reflection on climate change, which focuses on the current science on the subject and also on a future that, if present practices are not changed, is estimated to be potentially unsustainable for human life. The end? To impel to action.

Co-creation Clara Antunes and Ricardo Machado

Text, image curatorship and graphics Clara Antunes

Choreography Ricardo Machado

Performed by Carla Galvão and Ricardo Machado

Text reviewing Frederico Batista

Video edition Thomas Ortegat-Traen

Co-production MIRAGEM! 2019

Co-production remake Teatro Viriato

Photography Simão Botelho

2019| 120 minutes

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